Solomon Data Systems

Solomon Data Systems solves modern computing needs via investment in renewable power generation assets and data centers. By sharing our industry skills with others and contributing to the decentralization of the Bitcoin payment processing network we both strengthen the network of our preferred computing customer and uphold that network's core values.

Vires in Numeris - Strength in Numbers.

Taylor Towler, CEO [Chief Executive Officer] Solomon Data Systems

Taylor Towler, CEO [Chief Executive Officer] 

Chief Executive Officer Taylor Towler is a lifelong entrepreneur, third-generation electromechanical industrial maintenance engineer, technology enthusiast, and lover of learning. He was ripping capacitors off burnt motherboards for fun before he could read and is a born and raised gearhead, computer nerd, and electrical tinkerer. He would read computer textbooks over the summers in grade school for the fun of it when he wasn’t racing motorcycles at a caliber of receiving world-level tryout invitationals. By 12 he was running a business inside of MMORPGs hiring people to harvest in-game resources for resale before developing a bot farm on overclocked computers to convert in-game assets to real-life dollars. These things are in addition to experience in several family businesses including a scooter shop and servo-motor repair. He graduated high school with enough AP credits to be considered a second-semester college sophomore but chose not to attend. Instead, wanting to be self-sufficient in life and not burdened by debt, he did a stint in most areas of construction, food, factory work, sales, management, and of course industrial maintenance while also running an event production business before founding SolomonDS. Taylor is the previous COO of The Mining Conference in which the leading industry experts in crypto, energy, manufacturing, and others gather to discuss all things crypto mining. Additionally, he is the subject matter expert for the Mining Farm Operations Training Course which helps train dozens of new crypto mining operators. He leverages his insight to increase profitability by maximizing facility uptime and reducing operational costs.

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Zack Chance, CFO [Chief Financial Officer] Solomon Data Systems

Zack Chance, CFO [Chief Financial Officer]  

Chief Financial Officer Zack Chance is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in numerous startups over the past 2 decades and has had extensive experience successfully bringing products and services to market. He is skilled in technical analysis, programming, algorithmic trading strategy, finance and marketing. Zack is a strong business development professional and received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Sociology from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa in 2014. Some of his previous business ventures include Blue Ribbon Landscape Construction (founder/CEO), Ghetto Star Skateboards (co-founder) & Chance Brewing Company (co-founder/CEO/brewmaster) where he pioneered the pop-up brewery business model using modified refrigerated shipping containers. In addition to this, he deals heavily in contract negotiation for commercial and residential real estate for Islander Properties in San Diego, CA.

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Rachel Schimelman, CCO [Chief Creative Officer] Solomon Data Systems

Rachel Schimelman, CCO [Chief Creative Officer]  

Chief Creative Officer Rachel Schimelman is a polymath with a background in all things design. She has an intense curiosity and desire to learn and uses that knowledge to deliver thoughtful approaches to the task at hand. Her varied interests [design, technology, construction methods and techniques, investments and currency [both traditional and crypto], etc.] allow her to have a unique, forward-thinking perspective on the world around her. Rachel received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, one of the preeminent art and design institutions in the United States and the world. She is currently the sole owner of two business ventures; Fountainhead Holdings, LLC and Fountainhead, LLC dba RS Design [design principal] where she has worked with several large national and international companies/brands, universities, as well as non-profits, and small businesses.

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