Solomon Data Systems


*All services start with a $3,000 retainer
  • Financial Modeling
    • We’ve modeled dozens of mining operations in addition to non-mining-related businesses, and we’re happy to do it for you too

  • Strategy Review
    • We’ve been studying mining for a decade and have a wide network of successful peers in the space. Let us share the wisdom with you

  • Power Acquisition Structure Review
    • PPAs are complicated and there are risks even in regulated states. We’ll apply a holistic and nuanced view to your business via a close look at managing a miner’s biggest cost

  • Marketing Services
    • Our in-house expert design and marketing team is happy to provide for your marketing needs

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Access to our trusted network of vendors and extensive due diligence practices

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*All services start with a $3,000 retainer
  • Site Selection
    • Our in-house research methodology and broad network of inside and outside industry contacts mean that we can source you a location that fits your parameters — anywhere in the world

  • Location Feasibility
    • Have a site you’re thinking about? Don’t find out that you don’t know what you don’t know the hard way, we’ll vet it out for you

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
    • No matter the discipline our trusted network of 10x engineers in combination with in-house procurement and general contractor expertise can get the job done
      • Including: Nat gas power plants, solar farms, substation build-out, data center buildout from 1mw to 100mw, secure IT infrastructure


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*All services start with a $3,000 retainer
  • Financing for buildout and expansion
    • Our lending partners know that mining is still a viable business. We’ll craft your presentation to them in a way that smooths the road to getting financed

  • Asset recovery services
    • Are you a lender with assets in distress? We can recover, stage, refurbish, and liquidate distressed assets!

  • Debt restructuring
    • Are you a borrower in danger of default? We’ll leverage our lending expertise to liaison with your lender for restructuring, or help you get refinanced!


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